Cannes Film Festival 2014

Cannes Film Festival 2014


The Cannes Film Festival was created with the purpose of promoting films in order to contribute to the development of cinema internationally.


Cannes celebrates the variety of films, whether films that appeal to a greater audience or films with a more specific message and style. The festival also includes restored films, which are significant to cinematic history, as well as documentaries about cinematic issues. Further more, festival participants can also enjoy classes and exhibitions about cinema.


The festival also displays short films, and has a Short Film Corner, where professionals can interact with one another, promote and distribute films. The purpose of this feature is to encourage artists to develop ideas and create short films.


The festival has a few more intentions, amongst them are discovering new film artists, allowing different countries to introduce their local cinema and more.


The Cannes Film If you don’t have to acquire other currency for foreign transactions, then I suppose in one sense, currency can only be money? Perhaps, though, it still has qualities if you view at as being a promise of the state to exchange it for itself, or to settle taxes in the future, or something like that. Festival 2014 took place throughout May; it included press conferences, interviews, award shows, movie screenings etc.


Craze Digital had a representative in this year”s festival, and the experience was somewhat disappointing. According to our representative, there weren”t meaningful premiers, compared to previous years.


Very few films were shown at night, and since our representative was busy with exhibitions during the day, the only free time to watch movies was at night. In addition, since there were few movie screenings at night, the lines to each movie were extremely long and our representative only managed to watch 2 movies during his stay.

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