Why Us?

Some basic differences between Craze digital and other companies, one is a major aggregator in the USA and one major UK Company, where there is a space/no info means there is no official published information.All info based on public info (concerning other companies)

Issue Craze offers Major USA aggregator Major UK company comments
Itunes placement/Itunes box Yes Yes Not for other companies
Other major USA carriers like HULU, Netflix, Vudo, Amazon and lots more Yes Unknown No
Application for iphone-ipad-itouch Yes over 10 Unknown Unknown in any event no building for customer
Application for Android Yes over 10 Unknown Unknown in any event no building for customer
Connected TV-Sony-Vizio-Samsung-LG-Phillips Yes No Yes for the UK only
Offices out of the USA for international marketing Yes Yes in the UK UK only, other countries unknown
Movies 7000+4000 Unknown but not many Over 10.000
Music clips Over 10.000 Not many No
Sale of Music tracks YES YES NO
Offices in Israel center of high tech inventions cooperation with over 20 high tech companies at any time YES NO NO
Frugal work force, many workers remotely YES, mostly remote NO NO
Youtube display Over 7000 items and 600 movies, all monetized Not much Not much
Daily viewers Between 1.4 to 4 million daily Not much Not much Over 125.000.000 on Sept 10, 2010
Experimenting with totally interactive videos YES NO NO
Boxee YES NO Maybe
Rights Mostly worldwide Mostly USA All UK or UK and some EU
White label web site offer for customers, Free of charge YES NO NO
Offer for free iPhone-Android-Blackberry apps to customers YES NO NO
Who pays digital encoding? Craze ?? YES for themselves only
BLINX (55 channels) YES ?? NO
Digital central depository for all content YES NO Only for site use
Connection with over 300 cell carriers, close relationship with some. YES No , just a few Maybe in the UK but not worldwide
Japan presence YES YES NO
Exhibitions per year 10-20 1-3? Unknown
Stands at MIP-TV, Mipcom, AFM, MIDEM, Streaming Media x 3 , GSM, Prague Movie show, Budapest Movie show, Berlin Movie festival and more… YES NO NO



It’s a combination High tech and distributor of the future, a worldwide company not limited to the USA or Europe.

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