Watch horror movies - Long Live the Dead & Murder University

New Horror Movies


Following our latest post about our updated new video catalog with many new music documentaries, we’re also excited to let you know that we have 15 new indie horror movies in different, popular sub-genres, such as slasher, ghost, zombie and creature.


Watch horror movies online: Long Live the Dead, Murder University, Mold, The Sky is Falling


Our new refreshing horror movies can be found on, in the horror genre, or on our Horror Inc site, which is dedicated specifically to horror lovers and fans, in the slasher, zombie, creature, ghost or indie categories.


There’s a 5 minute preview for each film, so you can decide if you want to continue watching. You can watch each film with a fee of only 0.99$ or you can watch all films for a monthly fee of only 5.99$.


These are some of the new movies we added:

  • Murder University – a slasher movie about a series of brutal murders in a small New England college that shares a similar pattern of killings 20 years earlier.
  • Everyone Must Die – a series of killings leave a small town in grief and suspicion. Kyle, whose sister was murdered, vows to solve the mystery behind the gruesome slaughters.
  • Mold – a fast-growing genetically engineered strain of mold is developed to wipe out cocoa fields, but this mold also feeds on human flesh.
  • Long Live the Dead – this movie introduces a refreshing, unique spin on the zombie genre featuring 5 tales of the undead, told from a female perspective, featuring zombie urban legends.
  • The Sky is Falling – Angelica starts her new life in her new home after being in a mental institution. She soon feels the supernatural pull her into the core of her own being.
  • Eyes of the Woods – a group of kids goes on a road trip, which becomes a nightmare as they are separated. Alone and terrified, they battle a ruthless, flesh eating creature.
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